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Hello Guest,

Binary marketing plan


A binary marketing plan is the most important part of a company’s plan and the process of marketing planning should be carried out as part of the overall process of planning and budgeting of the company.

The advantages of a binary model are clear:

  • There are only two structures.
  • Usually, very little work is necessary to qualify for a binary bonus, i.e. one to two personal recommendations in each of the two teams.
  • A person receives money throughout the depth of its structure for such work, often just a huge amount of money.
  • Well-functioning sponsor’s place their people in the team signed to a previously signed one or promoted first and so help others to really have a group and eventually money.
  • There is usually a rapidly growing network of trade and rewards.

There are drawbacks to the binary model that can arise from its attractions, such as the following:

  • Too many people can enter the binary network to collect the “easy” money and as a consequence, such networks can draw a lot of “bums wanting to get rich.”
  • Often there are people with a lack of motivation, understanding or responsibility to help and look after the strength of the trade of the structure.
  • Sponsors-motivators using simple qualifications often spin newcomers into purchasing directly from many business places in the binary structure, like a professional entrant into the business.
  • The binary marketing plan for some reason is sometimes very poorly understood by newcomers.

What to do:

Smart companies and the leaders of networks are trying to reduce the effects of the binary model’s deficiencies and to enhance the binary model’s advantages.

  • Making a more comprehensive compensation plan, e.g. by adding linear and leadership bonuses to the binary.
  • Trying to enhance the impact of the company’s product, so that people remember the importance.
  • Doing various things for the requesting requests
  • Generally taking into consideration the disadvantages of the model and striving to limit their impact.


It’s difficult for new people to become oriented to the system because of its complexity, even just in the terminology. In any case, you need to think for yourself, take advice from competent and experienced members (the trouble is that they are few), and take the chance to buy the company’s product, if you are interested in it.

Today we can definitely say that binary marketing is alive, will continue to thrive, and will be much livelier than other networks.