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5 Comments → “Customers”

  1. Masha


    Wanted to say thank you for making this amazing products available!I recently got ortopedic plasters wich saved my mum from chronic back pains (she had osteoporoses) from first applications.and tampons wich did a great job on healing climacterical symptoms.
    This antient combination of herbs work wonders!
    Thank you!


  2. Female 42 years old


    Female 42 years old. After the miscarriage in 1985, there was erosion of the cervix coleitis + Trichomonas cystitis. Several times she was treated in hospital. The disease has become chronic. The disease progressed, was diagnosed: coleitis, thrush and right-handed oophoritis, then two-sided oophoritis (all tests and confirmation of ultrasound reflected in the patient card). In 2004, the district women’s clinic and regional hospital diagnosis: suspicion of a left ovarian cyst. There was severe pain on the right side of the right and left ovary. The inflammation of the kidneys appeared (sand and severe cramps when urinating with drops of blood).
    Treatment: 1-Month (3 swab) – one tampons every three days for the scheme. Result: drawn in the lower abdomen to the right and left hand, leaving clumps of old dried blood and clumps of yellowish-white thick mucus. The thin coating was taking out, as tissue paper, twisted around a tampon in large numbers. In the kidney was heavy and frequent urination with unpleasant sensations in the bladder. Treatment continues.
    2-Month (3 swab) – one tampons every three days for the scheme. Result: The course of treatment took place more smoothly, in contrast to the first month. The tingling, pandiculation, swelling and pulling pain in the breast was appeared. 3rd month (6 tampons) – two tampon simultaneously every three days for the scheme. Result: with7 th and 8 th tampons were pulled out a lot of mucus and causing a large swelling of the labia, the outside appeared strong grain and a lot of white flight by a removable large bed, with small patches of some kind of gray-black spots. With removal of this film the healthy skin was appeared under it. After using of 9 th and 10 th tampons cause rejection of tissue only for patients with plots. After using of the 11 th and 12 th of tampons at night the liquid, as if waters broke during childbirth come out.
    She was examined in antenatal clinic, they said – no cysts, ooforita the left side. The results was confirmed by ultrasound. On the right side oophoritis still continues to be treated. 4-th month (6 tampons) – two tampon simultaneously every three days for the scheme. The result: when the diagnosis of chronic cystitis 22 years ago, exacerbations appeared periodically in the cold season. The disease is taking as frequent urination with an admixture of blood. Hospital treatment results were achieved. The card described patient treatment and the conclusion of ultrasound. The oily yellow liquid was come out after applying the 13 th, 14 th tampon, in 1985, treatment was conducted through a catheter solution protargola etc. The description is in the card of the patient. 15 th, 16 th tampons caused cystitis in an acute form, within 4, 5 o’clock. After that, women started feel better. 17 th and 18 th tampons cause periodic outbreaks of cystitis, as though the process of treatment and recovery are beginning to unwind the coil in the opposite direction. The treatment continues. Voroshilovgrad


  3. Female 79 years old


    Female 79 years old had strong hardening in one breast. The surgery was not offered because of her age. After using the first swab her breasts became softer, The green fluid came out from the nipple, approximately 100 grams. Continue treatment. Condition improved. Ufta


  4. Female 55 years old


    Female 55 years old. The diagnosis is fibroid of 12 weeks, accompanied by severe pain. She used 2 tampons, afterwards the pain decreased. After each tampon go clots pus. She continues to be treated. Rovenky


  5. Zubakina Irina, obstetrician-gynecologist Category I


    The patient is 25 years old. On the preventive examination revealed bleeding cervical erosion. Microbial landscape – epithelial cells – layers, leukocytes densely covered field of view. The rods and cocci were not found. We used tampons on the background of traditional antibiotic therapy. The result of the first course (4 tampons on the scheme) – correction of the microbial landscape. There were Leukocytes 50-60 in the field of view, and flora of mixed type, mainly cocci. Cytology – 11 (a) type. After a 2-year the erosion got epithelialization, significantly improved microbial landscape and cytology.
    Recommendation: for erosion of the cervix is recommended 2-3 courses of treatment of 4 tampons for one menstrual cycle. To consolidate the results of treatment are encouraged to apply 1-2 tampons per month for 3 months.


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