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Hello Guest,

Yeast infection treatment


Candidiasis, thrush, yeast infections – these are all very common diseases, both male thrush and female.

Are you tired of all those over-the-counter products that mostly soothe rather than cure yeast infection? Is the itching caused by yeast infection driving you crazy? Are you worried that if left unchecked then your yeast infection may spread out rapidly or change form to cause other health problems? Or do you want to get rid of those ugly spots caused by yeast infection? If your answer is yes to any of these questions then you should try homeopathic treatment which many people have found to be very effective in the treatment of yeast infection.

Yeast infection symptoms:

  • Chronic vaginal yeast infections
  • Irritable bowel syndrome
  • Migrain
  • Diarrhoea
  • Food allergy
  • Irregular menstruation

They are caused by naturally present yeasts in your body which for some reason have become unbalanced and have grown to an unpleasant or even dangerous level. When talking about cleansing, colon cleanses are often mentioned first but as a matter of fact, Candida (yeast infection) cleanses is probably the second most important issue.

These yeast diseases have become more common with the widespread use of antibiotics. The antibiotics tend to destroy the “friendly bacteria” which are there to counter the otherwise uncontrolled growth of yeast cells. The most common occurrences are in your intestines, your mouth (oral candidiasis) or your genital area. Candida cleansing is more relevant than ever.

Did you know that more than one third of the whole population have a yeast infection and need candida cleanses?

Although candida (yeast infections) are most common in women, men can also have the condition. Male thrush problems when infected are concentrated to the production of sperm.

Yeast infection treatment

There are several “alternative” yeast infection treatments and candida cleanses known to work well, although they will all take a long time for candida cleansing. The reason these “alternative” (herbal and others) cures work well, is that they are holistic in their approach. A yeast infection is notoriously difficult to cure with modern medicine, since this was the cause it appeared in the first place.

“Beautiful Life” tampons are manufactured in the most sterile environment that has been approved by the “GMP” standard (quality standard). They do not contain any chemical additives and have passed more than 1000 clinical trials that confirmed the safety of the ingredients – they cause no side effects and are absolutely non-toxic.

Yeast infection treatment tampons’ ingredients regulate the function of endocrine gland secretion, normalize blood circulation, improve facial skin complexion/wrinkles/hyper-pigmentation. They also treat the following gynecological ailments: endometriosis, cervical erosion and dysplasia, pelvic inflammatory disease, hemorrhoids (aids in wound healing, bleeding cessation, removal of nodules).

Tampons’ ingredients have been derived from the Tibetan homeopathic recipes and represent the synthesis of the ancient holistic knowledge and modern bio-technology.

There are a few dozens of Chinese herbs and other holistic components in these tampons that support proper female reproductive organs function and prevent the development of more serious gynecological ailments.

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