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Calamus (Calamus draco)


The wood extract from calamus (Calamus draco) is widely used to prevent the appearance of tumors and for promoting good health in the United States, Peru, Brazil and Ecuador.

Calamus (Calamus draco) is obtained from the bark and resin.

In the Brazilian traditional medicine, "Blood of the Dragon" is used for wounds, hemorrhoids, ulcers of the oral cavity and as a general tonic.

Calamus extract has been used in the treatment of diseases such as cutaneous manifestations of diabetes, eczema, herpes virus, as well as to stop bleeding, reduce inflammation, and to accelerate wound healing. It has successfully been applied it to treat stomach ulcers, ulcerative colitis, etc.

Main actions of the calamus:

  • 1. Accelerates healing of wounds, both internal and external;
  • 2. Stops bleeding;
  • 3. Prevents the penetration and the growth of harmful bacteria and microbes;
  • 4. Cleans the blood;
  • 5. Reduces inflammation;
  • 6. Relieves pain;
  • 7. Has antioxidant properties;
  • 8. Contributes to the strengthening of immunity