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EGF Epidermal Growth Factor

The Effect of EGF Skin Protection: 1. To improve the microcirculation of the skin (smooth), to promote synthesis and secretion of hyaluronic acid (moisture): EGF can promote extracellular hyaluronic acid, sugar, protein synthesis and secretion of macromolecules, enhance the hydrophilicity of the skin to maintain skin moisture. EGF can improve the microcirculation, so that blood […]

$200.00  $100.00 Buy Now

Tampons "Clean Point"

The whole truth about tampons “Clean Point” and all natural products of our company “Beautiful Life UK” could be summed up in a single and very short sentence – our products work while other treatments do not. There is really nothing more that can be said about the comparison of many different treatments for erectile […]

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Tampons “Beautiful Life”

Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (PID) /Adnexa
Yeast infection or candida infections
Urine incontinence

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Capsules Kang Xin

Capsules “Kang Xin” – can soften and purify the blood vessel walls through fundamentally new methods and they contain CSBF, which provides a sequence of four main effects: removal of toxins, softening of the blood vessels, improved blood circulation, increase in the tone of the heart and brain.

$40.00 Buy Now

Factor of Queen Bee`s Embryo

Factor of Queen Bee`s Embryo – the world’s first product of embryo bees, cures insomnia and slows the aging process.

“I am old.” These are words that are often spoken by a middle-aged woman, looking at herself in the mirror or talking with their close friends.

$40.00 Buy Now

Ginkgo Tea

Ginkgo tea the unique use of the famous old Chinese medicine formula, to a variety of food and medicine homologous natural plant extracts with scientific precision is made of a mild character, and the blunt convenient, actually home to travel the four seasons must have the health herbal tea. Main Ingredients: honeysuckle, ginkgo leaves, ginkgo […]

$8.00 Buy Now

Kidney Tea

Herbal Kidney Tea is unique and famous old Chinese recipe; use a verity of Medicinal and Edible plants by scientific extraction precision process, mild and convent to drink. “Kidney is the source of essence of life. Marrow has direct connection to brain”, have been said by Chinese medical theory. Naturally the foundation of body is […]

$8.00 Buy Now

Chinese slimming tea

Sorry, this product is out of stock   Drinking Chinese slimming tea increases metabolism, thus burn fat, and make you losing weight and become slim. This is perfect dietary supplement which could be easily included into your diet. Main ingredients: Tuckahoe, Chinese radish seed, Coix seed, Orange peel, Medlar, Lotus leaf, Liquorice, Glucose. The catechuic […]

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Prostatic navel patch

The diseases of the prostate gland have been studied thoroughly by Hippocrates and Galen (Roman physician) thousands of years ago. Men of all ages can suffer from acute or chronic prostatitic with or without urinary obstruction. Older men, unfortunately, suffer from more serious conditions such as hypertrophy and hyperplasia of prostate. Prostatitis may damage the […]

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Pain Relief Patches (Bang De Li)

This orthopedic patch was manufactured using the latest technologies in combination with ancient Chinese medicine, and was registered as a medical product back in 1899. As of today, this patch passed all of the clinical tests and trials and has received the international “GMP” standard (quality standard) approval. BANG DE LI patch is non-toxic, safe, […]

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