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Breast patches

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Nodal swelling, a feeling of warmth and heaviness in the chest, stabbing and shooting pain in the breast, sometimes occurring in the shoulder blade, neck, arm – these are characteristic of mastopathy and fibrocystic disorder, which cause suffering for half of woman over 30 years.

There can also occur a proliferation (expansion) of dense glandular tissue (hyperplasia), fibrosis of the stroma, and the formation of cysts which can sometimes be very large and fluid-filled. Conventional treatment of mastopathy, despite the introduction of a range of diverse drugs (mastodinon, mammoklam, etc.), so far has not generally been effective and often requires long-term intervention.

Our alternative approach is a proven method of herbal treatment for mastopathy. The composition of our herbal applications for the treatment of mastitis and tumors in the breast area include a wide spectrum of different herbs, including the following:

Frankincense, essential oils, myrtle and 17 other herbs.

Indications: mastitis, mastopathy, benign nodal formation, chest pain in the breast.

Action: promotes resorption of nodal structures in the chest, relieves pain, restores and regulates the flow of living energy (Qi).

Method of application: apply a patch on the sore area for 3 days (the skin on the breast should be dry and clean). The following patch can be used in 5-8 hours.

Course of treatment is 5 x 2 patches. For best results, we recommend 3-4 courses. The product is non-toxic; side effects have not been detected.

For more information on plant sources of the herbal components, read more below