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Chinese slimming tea

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Drinking Chinese slimming tea increases metabolism, thus burn fat, and make you losing weight and become slim. This is perfect dietary supplement which could be easily included into your diet.

Main ingredients: Tuckahoe, Chinese radish seed, Coix seed, Orange peel, Medlar, Lotus leaf, Liquorice, Glucose.

The catechuic polyphones in Chinese slimming tea is able to change neither the body’s neither use of nor epinephrine (it is a chemical transmitter in the nervous system which responsible for burning fat).

Chinese slimming tea is a natural proven way of loosing weight.

Chinese slimming tea became popular in the dietary supplements market. The Chinese slimming tea contents of traditional Chinese herbs, which promotes cleansing, detoxification, and loosing weight and get slim. The licorice root is well known as a great detoxifier, and orange peel was used to help promote healthy digestion.

This Chinese slimming tea normalizes the balance which promotes the ability of losing weight as well as to maintain good health; it is also regulates the appetite. During first couple days of usage of the slimming tea a bowel movement may be experienced.

During taking Chinese slimming tea you should to include plenty of fresh vegetables, fruits, juices, and pure water in your diet. Slimming tea can help you reduce your weight easily and safely.

Slimming Tea Benefits:

  • Slimming tea helps to reduce cholesterol level in a natural way.
  • Slimming tea helps to reduce blood sugar level.
  • Slimming tea promotes cleansing, detoxification and healthy digestion.
  • Slimming tea reduces craving of greasy food.

Usage and dosage: oral, three times a day, every time a package, with about 200ml boiling water.

Storage method: place a cool and dry well-ventilated place.

Packaging (granulation tea, bags): 10g x 15 bags/box.